Natural cellulite treatment – My success story

By: Gabrielle Kendra

I bless the day I found the good treatment to remove my cellulite. It was recommended to me by a close friend, although I was skeptical about it, she assured me that it was what I needed to get rid of my awful skin condition. I trusted her and gave it a try, I must say, that was one of the best decisions I have made in recent times. Today the story is totally different. For the first time in a long while, I can finally stand in front of a mirror, turn around, look at my flawless, tight and even tone skin, and I am proud of it.  

Treatment for cellulite

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How to get rid of cellulite naturallyI am Gabrielle Kendra, a mother of two and a former Cellulite sufferer. One morning, as I took my bath, I observed some irregularities in my lower body, my hips, thighs and legs to be precise. I felt pains and unusual tenderness of my skin, redness and swollen lymph node. This was a source of serious concern to me. “Oh my God, where did this come from?” As most ladies, I am very conscious of my body and I always want to be in the best shape possible.

I consulted a medical personnel and after close examination, he said I had Cellulite. That was the first time I heard the word “cellulite”. He assured me it was a minor issue and it will be over soon. He recommended some medications which I took religiously. I was disappointed because after taking my medications for a reasonable length of time, there was no visible result. In fact, it got worse. Then my fears grew, I became anxious, tensed and uncomfortable. I read every medical related article about natural cellulite treatment, tried lots of medications but no respite.

I decided to visit another doctor and it was a different story. He said it was my genetics and I could not get rid of it, I was angry, depressed and frustrated. I lost my self-esteem and confidence. My life changed, I had to change clothes, wearing long and mundane gowns, not suitable for my personality, no more bikinis at the beach, I could not even look in the mirror, it was a harrowing experience.

My situation became terrible, there was no hope in sight. I discussed this condition with some close friends and relatives with the expectation that they could give me a solution but none did. I was later introduced to a particular therapy that made me use some pills that were to flush the toxins and a lotion. According to them the idea was to treat from inside as well as outside. It was not long before I discovered it was a scam scheme and a rip off.

I was frustrated and dejected. One day, I shared the bathroom with a friend and she was shocked when she saw my skin. I explained everything to her and she said to me, “I was once a cellulite sufferer too…” I could not believe it, I was shocked. I looked at her skin and it looked nothing like mine, neither was there any trace that she had once suffered from cellulite. I found it difficult to believe that she was once a sufferer. She had a smooth, tight and even tone skin, void of any trace of blemish or bumps. I was astonished. I was curious, I asked her for her secret and she introduced me to a Natural cellulite treatment program which she said had worked for her. I was skeptical, judging from previous experiences, I felt I was “wiser”, but I was wrong. I purchased the Natural cellulite treatment program, used it, and I am so happy I did.

Eight days after I started the Natural cellulite treatment program, I noticed remarkable changes, the cellulite began to fade and my skin became tighter. This was hard to believe. I saw visible results and it became better with each passing week. In a few weeks, the entire cellulite was gone, to me, this was a miracle. My skin was normal, no traces at all, finally I reached that place I had long to be for years. No more pains, swellings, bumps or redness. I can now wear what I want to wear and go wherever I want. Now I have a new lease of life, my youthfulness has been renewed and I’ve got my confidence back. If I had known what I know now two years earlier, I would not have suffered pain and inconveniences.

natural cellulite treatment

Eight months after total disappearance of my cellulite, I am cellulite free. My skin remains even tighter and there has been no re-occurrence. Today, I am celebrating my 30th birthday in style because it is a double package for me. I am cellulite free and I just completed another decade of my life.


How to get rid of cellulite naturally

Gabrielle Kendra

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